15.12.2012 / 20:45 / 39.811 Spectators
Stadio Olimpico di Roma
Referee: Paolo Silvio Mazzoleni

1:0 (0:0)

1:0 Miroslav Klose 82' (Mauri)

Inter Mailand

The game played on the 15.12.2012 ended with a 1:0 victory, thanks to a goal from Miroslav Klose after an assist from Stefano Mauri. Stefano Mauri gave the assist in the 82′ minute. Mauri played 90 minutes and he also was the captain of the Lazio squad. It was his 5th Serie A assist of the season.

Stefano Mauri´s dirty shorts unwashed

Mauri Shorts 9 vs Inter 15.12.2012
Mauri 1 vs Inter 15.12.2012
© Getty Images Paolo Bruno
Mauri 6 vs Inter 15.12.2012