15.05.2016 / 20:45 / 31.108 Spectators
Stadio Olimpico di Roma
Referee: Gianluca Manganiello

2:4 (1:3)

1:0 Senad Lulic 2'
1:1 Matias Vecino 31' (Fernandez)
1:2 Federico Bernardeschi 40' (Tello)
1:3 Cristian Tell 45' (Bernardeschi)
1:4 Matias Vecino 70' (Bernardeschi)
2:4 Miroslav Klose 74' (pen.)


The game played on the 15.05.2016 ended with a 2:4 defeat. Senad Lulic scored in the 2′ minute with a beautiful right footed shot. He played 90 minutes. It was his 3rd Serie A goal of the season. This game was the last game of Miroslav Klose and because of that Lazio played with an extra lettering “DANKE MIRO“ on the shirts. The shirts are also lettered inside with the 1st letter of the players name, his number and the halftime in which the shirt was worn.

Senad Lulic´s shirt unwashed from the 1st half

Lulic Jersey 1 vs Fiorentina 25.05.2016
Lulic Jersey 6 vs Fiorentina 25.05.2016
Lulic Jersey 22 vs Fiorentina 25.05.2015
Lulic Jersey 13 vs Fiorentina 25.05.2015
Lulic 4 vs Fiorentina 25.05.2016
© Getty Images Paolo Bruno

Senad Lulic´s signed shirt

Lulic Jersey 10 vs Fiorentina 25.05.2015
Lulic Signing 4